A Small Cottage on Charming Nantucket Island

Stone driveway

A small charming cottage with beach rocks in front for your parking spot.

Cottage back

A grassy casual path to the front door. Simple, simple, simple.

Place for Hats and bags

A fun place to hang your beach bags and hats.

Room to live in

I try not to do the red, white and blue theme on the homes I do on Nantucket. This is one where I did not follow that path. This lovely room with its ice pink walls and colorful pillows is not traditional. (I will bring you this soon in another blog.)


The kitchen nook with a bedroom off the kitchen is a true small cottage making space for everything. Charming, charming, charming. Instead of formal cabinetry, I used vintage pieces for the cabinets. Add a fun table and mix up!

Basket in Laundry Room

A small place for your laundry. I striped the walls to make it fun and unique.

Shelves with dishes

Took doors off to make open shelving. Found vintage fire king dishes to mix in with newer dishes, which looks great with the color of the fire king. The old breadbox is perfect.

comfy bedroom

Old iron bed with vintage fabric pillows from Sweet Summer. All the linens are from Sweet Summer in this project. What a great place to snuggle in after a long day in the sun and salt air.


The side path to the garden terrace. All the homes in town on Nantucket make the most out of the tiniest yards. All with great style.

Path to Garden Terrace

What a spot to sit and have a cocktail.

Area to sit

Sitting amongst the beautiful hydrangeas.

Picking white pumpkins

The garden house behind the cottage has whimsical gardens and is a place we could all enjoy. Always get the white pumpkins. I’m a white pumpkin girl!

Nantucket cove

The quaint harbor of Nantucket. I have done numerous projects here and have a special spot in my heart for it. More on Nantucket to come!

2 thoughts on “A Small Cottage on Charming Nantucket Island

    • Oh Nancy, I know just what you mean, Ive been though northeaster all my life, so I,m glad I could take you away for a moment!! thank you for sharing it with me! warmest wishes and a happy new year! tracey

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