Take a look at my all AMERICAN style on the wharf in Nantucket, MA. A small cottage that I remodeled and designed!




The classic American nautical look… Red – White – and Blue! Look out the seaside window as boats sail through the harbor, how charming is that? Real life coastal living.




Sweet Summer linens on the cottage beds. Sweet dreams as the salty sea air rolls in through the windows.




Enjoy your barbecues, sparklers, and fireworks on this 4th of July…

AND may your summer be filled with bike rides, fireflies, and family! xxoo



3 thoughts on “HAPPY 4th OF JULY!

  1. Love your style! Picked up the new Romantic Homes. Your house looks perfect. Is the pottery in stripes and polka dots something that you sell too? I thought I read in an article once that your daughter does the bedding and linens and someone else does the signs and wood items. What were the names of their companies? Was the linen one Summer something.? Everything looks so beautiful. Really love the Sarasota one.

    • Hello Donna,

      Thank you for your nice comments! By popular demand, We are in the middle of doing an online shop called sweet summer usa. The register trademark is sweet summer.We will keep everyone posted.The linens that you are asking about are our line called sweet summer linens,which my daughter does design. We design all the products that you are asking about. Thank you,Tracey

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