A beautiful kitchen cupboard full of mugs and dishes for your hot cocoa and butter cookies.



Baking for Christmas is one of the best parts of the holiday. Mandi and I, working on new cookie designs. The sweet smell of butter filled the cottage kitchen with an oh so cozy aroma… There is nothing like butter cookies right out of the oven.


Sweet buttery treats that melt in your mouth. We made royal icing and tinted it all different shades of turquoise with soft whites. Silver candy stars top the Christmas trees, adorned with light pink, mint green, and turquoise French Dragees (Sugar Pearls).



Laying out all the cookies for everyone to enjoy as if it were an page from a childrens book. Cottages all lined up in a row with christmas trees, as reindeer fly overhead. Sugar snow flakes fall to make snowmen, and the half moon sleeps as the night falls near.



End the day with homemade cocoa topped with hand cut pink marshmallows. Sweet sugar cookie cottages and sweet hearts, made to sit on the rim of the mugs, melt in your mouth as you enjoy your cozy treat.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year! Stay Warm… xoxo

3 thoughts on “DESIGNER SWEETS

  1. The cookies are adorable – especially like the heart hanging on the side of the cup, a great idea when having tea or coffee.

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