Some of you may have been wondering, where has Tracey been? and why have we not seen her work or heard from her lately?… Well finally, I can answer that question with so much excitement… I have been working on my first book, “Simply by the Sea”.

Back in September, 2016, I was approached by a publisher, 83 Press, about doing a book of my work. After 2 + years of  designing, creating, styling, and yes – even photographing the book, it is DONE! I wanted to bring a lifestyle to my readers of “Simply by the Sea” that covers all the charms of living by the sea. Whether it’s designing your house, hosting a seaside gathering, or just being the all around beach bum. In this book, you will find all different design styles. Whether its cottage, classic, modern, vintage, farmhouse, beach, country, or if it’s located in a cove, on the beach, in a harbor, on an island, up the street or miles away.

Having strong family ties to the ocean and raising my children by the sea, I share my designs for a lifestyle that simply goes with the seaside mindset. You will see the many details of a coastal home and way of life by the sea, and experience the feeling of… ”I don’t want this to end”, which we all know and love.

I long to work and design a home that my clients dream of with a life style that will last in their hearts. So as the years have gone by,  I have chosen 7 homes that I created, photographed and styled with my daughter Mandi’s help. (We have worked so very hard to bring you the feeling and lifestyle of “Simply by the Sea”) 

Everyone wants a seaside lifestyle to last more than a summer… So relax and be inspired by my first book “Simply by the Sea”. Pre order has started and it will be released on April 1st 2019. Purchase links below. And follow along on our journey at

Simply by the Sea Home

Sand between your toes – salt in your hair – sun on your skin – and the sea in your soul… Within these pages, you can always have Simply by the Sea, year round… No matter where you are… if only to imagine…


Tracey Rapisardi

Amazon: Simply by the Sea

Barnes and Noble: Simply by the Sea

83 Press: Simply by the Sea

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