Beach House Style


Here is another project of mine just featured in the Coastal Living’s Beach House Style book. Enjoy some more 3rd floor nooks and crannies of the featured 2008 Coastal Living Idea House!


Whether your on the West Coast, East Coast or the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota, FL – a beach house is always a place to make memories.

A beach house third floor has always been a kids place for the summer to play with brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and beach buddies you just met. I designed the plans for this beach house keeping in mind how important it was to have this 3rd floor! Piling into the beach club of the third floor – oh what memories I have as a kid.


A Bigger bed for the older kids is perfectly positioned with sailboat shelves and an additional cot for sleep overs. How charming are the Sweet Summer Linens?


Always make nooks and crannies. This is the perfect nook to put the old fashioned cot. What child wouldn’t LOVE this?


Colorful fan and beach towels!!


Puff puff’s for everyone!!!


A place to hang your bathing suit, towels, and summer clothing… IT’S THE BEACH!!


Calling all beach babies!! I said this to my little beach babies as they grew up on the beach. Calling all beach babies to the Sweet Summer Linens magical tent – which my daughter Mandi designed and created. Story time… and then maybe nap time for the kids… Then cocktail time for the parents ; )


A twin bed in a nook with boat windows above to hear the surf and smell the salt air! All the bedding was custom made by Sweet Summer Linens.

All products can be purchased through;

Tracey Rapisardi Design

Sarasota FL

941 -359-0208


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