Summer Time




LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tropical Sarasota, FL! Summer time is here – time to lay back and enjoy a happy lifestyle!


HIP_3 copy


Whether it’s on the coast of Maine, Nantucket Island or Sarasota, FL… Making sandcastles on the beach – looking down at your tan hands against the white sand… Priceless!!


HIP_5 copy


Don’t forget to put on sun tan lotion! The tropics are slow paced and quiet – all the tourists are gone and its just us locals. Slow and easy for a while – time to have fun!

This tanning oil by Island Company smells just like Summer.


HIP_2 copy


Take a moment in the shade with the palms – time to have a cocktail!


HIP_8 copy


Time to pile on your cool vibe bracelets – MORE IS BETTER.


HIP_4 copy

Island fever – Go to the case and grab some shell and beaded jewelry to feel like a mermaid. Get the sea vibe and feel free.


HIP_9 copy

At the end of a summers day – fill your cottage with sweet summertime flowers!

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